Banners for more Climate Protection
Support the efforts for a more climate friendly behaviour and insert the banners into your website
  • Can be easily integrated into your website
  • Can be easily translated into another language
  • free Licence, free download
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Integration into your website

Change or delete link

If you want to change or delete the link, you have to open and edit the HTML page in an editor. Quite far down in the file there is a line that looks something like this:
<body class="c_top" onclick="'','_blank')">
Now change the included link, for example:
<body class="c_top" onclick="'','_blank')">

If you don't want to offer a link at all and you just want the banner to appear, then you can remove the onclick command:
<body class="c_top">
Also remove the line "cursor:pointer;" to move the mouse pointer.

Translate texts into another language

You can easily change the text: Open the HTML page in an editor and change the text to your language. You can make a line break with <br />

Easy rotation of the climate banner with other banners

To rotate your climate banner with your normal advertising, you can use appropriate services such as the Google Ad Manager.

You can also simply use PHP (server-side) to call up the banner with a defined probability. In the following example, a random number between 1 and 10 is determined and the banner is called if the number is 10. So your banner will be called in about 10% of the calls, in 90% your normal advertisement

Example 10% rotation with PHP: